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People Planting Trees


A bequest can change lives for future generations, a bequest to SIM East Asia is a bequest that will live on after you.

You can bequeath to SIM East Asia a specific sum of money, portion of your estate and/or particular items (e.g. shares, property, proceeds from life insurances). You can also specify the desired purpose of your bequest whether for general or specific purpose.

In a world where people are living and dying without hearing the Gospel, making a bequest to SIM East Asia, you are ensuring Jesus’ Great Commission to bring the Gospel to the billions of unreached peoples in all nation continues even to those of the future generations.

Your bequest plays significant roles in the different Christian ministries:

  • Operations and Services for Missions
    The funds will help in SIM East Asia operations and support services. This includes its mission operations and support, mobilization and equipping, East Asia field projects, worker care and workers' children education programs.


  • Worker Mobilization and Equipping
    The funds will help to mobilize, train, send and support SIM East Asia’s workers in its operations.


  • East Asia Projects
    The funds will support the ministries projects in SIM East Asia priority field countries in Creative Access Nations.


  • Worker-Care and Workers' Children Education
    These funds will support worker care programs in special needs (e.g counseling and medical etc.), contingency, workers' re-entry into homeland and workers' children's education.

Once you have decided what type of bequest you would like to make, SIM Singapore’s team is able to help you to develop your legacy and/or liaise with your executors when the will and bequest is exercised.


We are here to partner with you for God’s kingdom that will live on after you for years to come!

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