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Prayer And Cultural Exposure

PACE (Prayer And Cultural Exposure) teams offer opportunities for groups from churches or Christian organisations to partner with established SIM field ministries overseas, offering their skills to the local church and enlarging their vision of God’s work around the world. Teams will have the opportunity to visit and work alongside different projects and people. These PACE trips usually last between one and four weeks. 


Placements are usually for a minimum of three months, and up to two years.

A short term placement as a Short Term Associate (STA) may be a way to explore ministry opportunities and test how your skills and experience might be used in the future.

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If your desire is long-term service, we can help you find overseas opportunity most suited to you. You may already have some short term overseas experience behind you and are now ready to commit to a long-term assignment. We will share with you what preparation and further training you may need to enable you to serve effectively. Long-term mission is about building long-term relationships with people; a longer commitment of our life to change the lives of others. It may mean sacrificing many of the comforts of home in order to better relate to a new culture and its people. It sounds like a challenging step to take, but it could be the first step of the most wonderful journey of your entire life. 


Are you planning a gap year? Would you consider taking a break from corporate life? Have you recently retired? You can use your gifts and talents to advance Kingdom’s work. Come and talk with us! 


Come, Join Us and Discover your Potential in God's Kingdom

Be a part of our community, and be amazed at where God can lead you! Read testimonials of the exciting stories God is doing here.

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The SIM East Asia office is based in Singapore. SIM East Asia serves the need of 10 constituent countries. We are looking for people who love Jesus and who are willing to use their skills on one of our ministry teams here in Singapore or anywhere in the world. Please note that some of the positions require the incumbent to raise their own financial support. 

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