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  • What kind of work do SIM workers do? SIM的同工从事什么样的工作呢?
    SIM engages in many types of ministries around the world. This means we are a general mission. Some organisations specialise in ministry categories such as clean water, children, education, or relief aid. SIM workers engage in these ministries as well as many others. We also partner with specialised missions in Bible translation, radio outreach, community development, medicine, HIV and AIDS ministry, aviation, and more. Our distinctive is our church-focused vision. Many of our workers work as church planters in pioneer areas and in partnership with local churches in discipleship, evangelism, or theological education. SIM 是一个综合性的宣教机构,在世界各地自发性的开办各种性质的宣教工作,或是参与其他宣教机构的事工。 有些机构专门从事清洁用水、儿童、教育或救援等宣教事工,SIM 就可以差派有此恩赐与负担的工人参与他们的事工。 我们也与一些专门领域的宣教机构合作,例如圣经翻译、广播宣传、社区发展、医药、艾滋病事工、航空等等。 我们的特点是以教会为中心。所以我们有许多工人在没有基督教会或基督徒的地方,从事布道与植堂事工。或是在有教会的地方与当地教会合作,提供门徒训练、布道或神学教育的教导事工。
  • How are SIM workers supported? SIM同工的经费从何而来?
    SIM workers raise prayer and financial support from churches, friends, and others who commit to partner with them in ministry. SIM receives and administers donations for our workers on their behalf, including sending receipt acknowledgements to missionary partners. SIM 的同工从自己的教会和朋友,或其他不认识但热心支持宣教工作的教会和个人得到祷告与财务方面的支持。 SIM 将代表同工接收和管理这些奉献,包括寄发奉献收据给宣教伙伴。
  • Who can work for SIM? 谁可以加入 SIM 呢?
    SIM is an international mission organisation with more than 4,000 workers serving in about 70 countries. SIM members are multi-ethnic and multinational themselves, representing more than 70 nationalities. They also serve in a wide variety of career fields. The SIM family can use people of every country who have almost any skill imaginable! SIM 是一个跨宗派的国际宣教机构,拥有4000多名来自不同国家、多元民族及各样恩赐的禾场工人及办公室同工,在 70 多个国家和地区齐心合一地服事祂。SIM 欢迎所有被上帝呼召,愿意顺服并忠诚服事的基督徒加入我们!
  • What does SIM believe? SIM 的信仰背景是?
    Our workers come from various Christian denominational backgrounds, but all are committed to the essential truths of biblical Christianity. See our Statement of Faith for more details. 我们的同工来自不同的基督教宗派,皆信从圣经中的基要真理。 详情请参看我们的信仰宣言。
  • How does SIM relate to other organization? SIM 是否与其他机构合作?
    We partner with universities, churches, and other organisations 'to see a witness to Christ's love where He is least known, disciples of Jesus expressing God's love in their communities, and Christ-centred churches among all peoples.' 我们非常乐意与各地的机构、教会和大学合作,开发各样的布道及培训机会,目的是 “在极少听闻福音的地方见证基督的爱,鼓励耶稣的门徒在他们的社区中传扬神的爱,并在不同族群中建立以基督为中心的教会”。
  • What do the letters ‘SIM’ stand for? SIM 这三个英文字母是什么意思呢?
    In 1893, three young men in their twenties had a vision to evangelise the 60 million people of sub-Saharan Africa (then known as the Sudan) who were living and dying without Christ. Unable to interest established missions—most of which said reaching the Sudan was impossible—the three set out alone, forming the Sudan Interior Mission. In the 1980s, missions in Asia and South America joined with SIM. A third merged with SIM in 1998. Today, our official name around the world is simply SIM. SIM 是我们英文名的缩写。 1893年,三个20多岁的年轻人有一个异象,要向撒哈拉以南的非洲大陆(当时被称为苏丹)的六千万人传福音。但由于那个年代的交通和医疗都很贫乏,大多数的宣教差会和宣教士都说不可能到达苏丹。于是,这三个年轻人成立了苏丹内地会(英文名是 Sudan Interior Mission) ,独自出发。 此后的100年间,亚洲和南美洲的宣教差会及宣教士陆续加入了苏丹内地会。于是苏丹内地会的英文名字改为 Serving in Mission,简称 SIM。中文名为 SIM 国际事工差会。
  • How do I apply to SIM? 如何申请加入 SIM ?
    Contact us at the link here about getting involved in SIM ministries around the world. We would love to talk with you soon about opportunities to serve through the SIM community. 请通过此链接联系我们,一起探究你的服事机会!
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