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Why Not You?

Every Christian has a role in mission; it’s just a matter of exploring when, where, and how. 

The question you need to ask yourself isn’t

“Why Mission?”- it’s “Why Not I?” 

You don’t have to be an evangelist, church planter to make an impact.
You can go as an entrepreneur, tent maker with whatever professional skills
and life experiences to bring the good news. 

Group Planting a Tree

Ministries Opportunities


Tent Makers

engage & transform communities through self-sustaining, missional business 

involve in God’s mission through your job and areas of expertise to impact the community you live and work in

Community Development


to meet and transform real human needs, as how our Lord Jesus fed the hungry

to bring help, hope, and good news to communities that are hurting 

Administration & Leadership 

Media & Communication

to help with personnel, HR, policy-making, contingency-planning, and other administrative tasks, and to use your gifts to help bring God’s word to hard places

to reach the least reached and mobilise workers for the harvest field through digital communications

Pastoral Care

to come alongside and journey with workers in the field

Speak with us to find out how you can be a part of what God is doing through SIM in crossing barriers to bring His good news to communities where He is least known!


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