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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

By prayer, we recruit, disciples and send disciples to field where Christ is least known and turn the mission field into a harvest force through making disciples 

Our Vision

The vision of SIM is to see a witness to Christ’s love where He is least known, disciples of Jesus expressing God’s love in their communities, and Christ-centred churches among all peoples.  

By faith we see: 

In the world 

  • A vibrant testimony to the gospel through character, word and action among communities where currently Jesus is least known.  

  • Followers of Jesus living out the gospel in unity and in the power of the Holy Spirit, making disciples who trust Him, obey him, and play a full part in church life.  

  • Churches serving their communities and reaching out with the gospel locally and globally.  



  • A community growing in faith, in obedience to Jesus, and in ministry competence.  

  • Workers crossing barriers with the gospel, being and making disciples of Jesus, expressing His love and compassion.  

  • Multi-ethnic and multi-skilled teams serving together in love and harmony.  

  • Courageous leaders investing in the development of others for life transforming ministries.  

  • Effective partnerships with Christ-centered churches and organizations facilitating the spread of the Gospel.  


In eternity 

  • The redeemed from all tribes, languages, peoples and nations worshipping the Living God.  

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