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It’s exciting to see God calling so many gifted men and women from around the world to serve in mission.
What a privilege it is to be able to partner with them!

What Makes SIM Unique?

We partner and support our workers with a wide range of quality services and care 

especially when they are in the community.

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SIM East Asia has over 40 years of experience in sending God's workers to the places where Jesus is least known.  We also count on the 150 years of history, knowledge and cross-culturally experience of our parent mission and the other SIM entities. 

Holistic Member Care 

When you join SIM, you become part of our worldwide family, and we are dedicated to caring for you as we bring the good news of Jesus Christ to hard places around the world. 

Diverse Ministries 

Explore hundreds of ministries opportunities, including health care, education, children and youth ministries, business and administration, media, sports, translation and literacy. 

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Crisis Management Expertise 

Every SIM field office has contingency plans to ensure our missionaries stay safe, or to evacuate in the event of civil unrest, medical emergency, or natural disaster.

Field Support 

We provide a holistic field support to our workers. This includes member care and practical issues like medical, visa, insurance and liaising with the sending church.  

Multi-cultural Team Ministries 

With over 4000 workers worldwide in over 70 countries, we are intentionally interdenominational, international, and multi-ethnic. We believe this express the unity of the body of Christ in the world and makes us more effective in ministry. 

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Tripartite Partnership 

We are committed to working with God’s Church around the world. We partner with local churches and other missional organizations to proclaim Jesus in communities where people are living and dying without the gospel. 

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