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About Dr Rev Yap Beng Shin:

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Dr Rev Yap Beng Shin

Trainer Consultant

(Creative Bible Exposition)

Attached are two mind maps of 3 John and the Great Harlot from Revelation chapters 17 and 18 (the graphic is by Belinda Lau, one of the participants).

Dr Rev Yap Beng Shin has been a pastor for 40 years. He has been active in missions since 1987. Now he is a missionary trainer with SIM East Asia. He is the creator of Creative Bible Exposition an outcome after 15 years of experiment to help ordinary preachers who lack resources to interpret and preach the bible.


Creative Bible Exposition, Using the Left & the Right Brain

Creative Bible Exposition (CBE) is 15 years of trial and research to find an interpretive approach to help the village preachers and 3rd world leaders to be better interpreters, teachers, and preachers of the Bible. These leaders have little or no resources other than the Bible and do not enjoy a high level of education.

CBE engages both the left and right brain to interpret the Bible one thing at a time, hence decreasing the level of difficulty and at the same time increasing the level of observation, comprehension, and creativity. It makes repeated reading exciting, and identifying the main theme (Big Idea) and outlining the text easier.

The only tools required for CBE are (1) Bible, (2) Color pencils, and (3) Commonsense.

It has 4 basic steps:

1. Discover the Background of the Text (Precept Method). It makes use of the colours to increase the level of observation, focus, and segregation of facts. Thus enhancing the level of observation and understanding.

2. Identify the Main Theme:

It uses common sense to determine the Main Theme or the Big Idea – 12 Common Sense Ways.

3. Construct a Textual Thematic Outline using Mind Map.

4. Transpose the Scriptural outline into Expository Outline


CBE has been tested in various countries. The response has been tremendous (Survey results and testimonies are available in Big Picture Bible Study Method, DMin dissertation in SBC Library). Pastors and teachers found new creative and effective ways to lead Bible Study and deliver better sermons. Bible College students get better grades as they memorize Biblical facts and years with ease.

In 2014, God prompted the author to resign as a pastor to become a full-time worker to train as many Developing World Leaders or village preachers as possible. Training leaders (English and Mandarin) in this Creative Big Picture Exposition has now become his Great Commission. The author is 66 years old and has been pastoring for 33 years. He has been active in teaching in the mission field for 31 years.

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