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Our Speakers

About Dr Rev Lim Kheng Hai:

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Dr Rev Lim Kheng Hai

Coordinator of

Pastor-at-large of SIM East Asia

Dr Rev Lim Kheng Hai is the pastor-at-large of SIM East Asia. Before joining SIM East Asia in 2018, he was the associate pastor of Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church for 10 years. He is married to Gek Lang, and they are blessed with two sons, a daughter, and three grandchildren.


Creativity in Missionary Work

Creativity in Missionary Work discusses creativity on the mission field. It addresses roadblocks to worker creativity and how to overcome them. Participants will learn to use the lateral thinking technique (SCAMPER) to challenge the status quo and helps explore new possibilities.

Building a Creative Missions Team

The ability to think creatively and outside of the box will enable workers to produce unique and innovative solutions to obstacles they encounter. Building a Creative Missions Team focuses on helping team members find new and effective ways to accomplish their mission.

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