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SIM (Serving in Mission) is a global mission organization, supported by 4000 workers from 88 nationalities and serving the purpose of our Lord Jesus in 70+ countries. Called by the Lord Jesus to make disciples of Christ in communities where He is least known, we are praying for co-workers to support the Singapore team in its mandate to fulfil the Great Commission.

Our Vision

One of our strategic thrusts is to mobilize millenniums for cross cultural mission. They could be sent as cross cultural Missionaries or as Professionals in missions such as Tent Makers or starting a missional business so that receiving countries can be blessed.

The Role

To reach the millennium’s generation means reaching them using platforms that they consume information such as social medias and digital channels. SIM Singapore is praying that the Lord will provide a passionate person that can assist us to mobilize the millenniums for His mission to reach communities where He is least known.

Job Scope

1. Reach out to Churches, Christian youth organizations, individuals to mobilize, recruit New Gen as cross-cultural missionaries.

2. Organize programs and activities to engage the New Gen and expose them to mission

3. Plan and create contents to communicate and interest the New Gen in God’s mission through digital and social media tools 

4. Oversee websites, generate contents to engage audiences and ensure contents are updated

Qualification and Experience

Minimally a good degree in any discipline and preferably those conversant with IT. At least two years’ work experience in media or with interaction with young people. Must be fluent using social medias and spaces to communicate with young people.


SIM Singapore is a mission agency and faith based. By God’s grace, we will compensate the selected candidate adequately.


Please send your resume to


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