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Dear Partners, and Supporters of SIM,

Japan is a country of paradoxes. In society, we see the combination of ancient and modern. It is a country with religious freedom and is unreached with a shrinking Christian population. Christianity has significantly influenced society through education, politics, and medicine, yet it is considered a foreign religion. During our presentation, we plan to share more about the reality of ministry in Japan and what the team of SIM missionaries is doing to partner with the church in Japan to reach over 99% of the population who do not know Christ.


Come and join us to hear and pray for the needs, challenges and opportunities to serve in Japan.

Date   :   4 July 2024
Time   :   7.30 pm (Singapore time)
Zoom  :  Information on Zoom call will be sent to registered participants. Click here to register, or write to to register.
Tel       :  +65 6298 3611 

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