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Dear Partners, and Supporters of SIM,

Indonesia, an expansive archipelago in Southeast Asia with over 17,000 islands, boasts breathtaking natural landscapes of lush rainforests and tropical beaches. Its population of over 279 million comprises diverse ethnic groups, including many Unreached People Groups (UPGs) and Least-Reached People Groups (LRPGs). Despite a reported 10.5% Christian population, the need for cross-cultural field workers in Indonesia persists.


At this coming Supporters' Night, we'll explore opportunities to engage with Indonesians within our own communities, including students, professionals, and domestic workers residing in Singapore, totaling around 250,000 individuals. How can we demonstrate Christ's love to them?


Come and join us. Hear updates and testimonies about the current ministries amongst the Indonesian Diaspora and be inspired to pray and be part of this mission work.

Date   :   4 Apr 2024
Time   :   7.30 pm (Singapore time)
Zoom  :  Information on Zoom call will be sent to registered participants. Click here to register, or write to to register.
Tel       :  +65 6298 3611 

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